Working in Iceland

Are you ready to work in Iceland?

Please note that much of this content pertains to Foreign Experts who move to Iceland to work for Icelandic companies and is NOT relevant to the Remote Work Long-Term Visa. Sorry for any confusion!

The Viking settlers were well aware of the distances over 1,000 years ago. It is easy to conclude that once they arrived, they stayed put. On the contrary, according to the Sagas, Vikings spent more time trading than they did pillaging.

They traveled far and wide with routes extending to Northern Europe, the Volga River, south to Constantinople, and Bagdad. They set sail across the Atlantic and established a post in Newfoundland nearly 500 years before Columbus left Castile in 1492.

To this day, Icelanders still possess a need to cross the seas to explore and travel. Many seek educational and work opportunities to gain experience not available on the island. Almost all of them return "home" and bring with them a diverse education, skills, and work experience they have gained worldwide. Because of this, the Icelandic work environment is often dynamic, influenced by many international perspectives.