Job hunting

Job hunting

Job hunting in Iceland without speaking Icelandic can be tricky. While Google translate has made significant improvements, it only helps to a certain degree. Most likely, positions that match a non-Icelandic-speaker will already be advertised in English (or both languages), so it is still worthwhile to check the job announcements. 

Since Iceland is such a small country, it is often worth identifying the companies that match your skillset. Usually, it is best to contact them directly, follow their website for job notifications, or reach out to them through LinkedIn or their HR contact. While there are no guarantees for finding a job, these steps are invaluable for networking and getting your "foot in the door." 


Suppose your spouse or partner is relocating to Iceland with you and is not a citizen of the EEA, EFTA, or Faroe Islands. In that case, they must apply for a residence permit on family reunification grounds. All spouses who have been granted a residence permit on these grounds must also apply for a work permit should they wish to work in Iceland. Work permits are applied for before or after arriving in Iceland. However, some spouses may be required to apply for a permit before entering Iceland to fulfill the minimum financial sustenance requirement. 

Please be aware that you must not start employment before the necessary work permit has been received. Work permits are non-transferable and only valid with the employer sponsoring the permit application. 

Processing periods can take 2-6 months. 

Online job resources

These are some of the leading websites where jobs are advertised in Iceland: 

Alfred This site works well in the app version, listing a variety of jobs, mostly in Icelandic, with some in English. Upload your CV and personal info to apply for jobs through the app.

HH ráðgjöf Mostly jobs that do not require a university degree, all in Icelandic. A wide variety of job listings. Mostly in Icelandic.

Morgunblaðið One of Iceland's most popular newspapers. Mostly in Icelandic.

Northstack This site has a finger on the pulse of Icelandic start-ups, innovation, and venture capital news in English. Occasional job postings too.

Reykjavik City Mostly jobs for caretakers, kindergartens, working with disabled people or pensioners, teachers, special education, paramedics, and the like. Mostly in Icelandic.

Starfatorg Advertisements for doctors, teachers, and administrative staff in the public sector, and more. Mostly in Icelandic.

Störf A variety of jobs in Icelandic and English.

Tvinna Mostly specialist jobs, many related to design, computers, and data, with both creative and technical positions, in Icelandic and English.

Vinnumálastofnun Jobs in all sectors with most local jobs announced in Icelandic, and EURES jobs advertised in English.

Recruitment Agencies

In Iceland, recruitment agencies are often tasked with the hiring process for large companies for many positions that are not advertised. Contacting these agencies may be the best strategy to see if they have any positions fitting your expertise. They know the ins and outs of the marketplace and usually have extensive contacts.

Geko | STEAM (jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics fields) By working closely with hiring managers, gathering requirements, and assessing team structure, we connect talent that feels valued and empowered in their roles.

Hagvangur Since 1971, Hagvangur has been a pioneering recruitment agency and consulting firm in Iceland with many years of knowledge and experience of the business community.

HH Ráðgjöf Provides clients with complete solutions in the field of recruitment and human resources.

Intellecta Intellecta specializes in the recruitment of managers and professionals to companies and institutions.

Ráðum (Icelandic only) We strive to establish long-term cooperation with our clients and our flexible approach to the recruitment process.

Swapp Agency (Employer of Record organization) Aims to help individuals find a job in Iceland and match companies with excellent staff that suits their requirements and needs.

TeqHire: We combine our unique data-driven technology with our expert IT recruiters.

European jobs

EURES is a European job portal with job listings for thousands of positions. Narrow down the results by entering "Iceland" in the box "Enter a keyword."