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Who to contact for information?

Depending on your inquiry, please get in touch with the relevant organization.

Your question may have already been answered here on: Working in Iceland or Living in Iceland

  • If your question relates to moving to Iceland and registering as an EEA, EFTA, or Faroese citizen, applying for an ID number (kennitala) or an IceKey, please direct it to Registers Iceland/Þjóðskrá. Phone: +354-515-5300 / Mon-Fri, 9-3 PM. Email: skra@skra.is
  • If your question relates to a residence permit application, please direct it to The Directorate of Immigration.   Phone: +354-444-0900 / Tue and Thu, 9-11 AM. Emailutl@utl.is
  • If your question relates to a work permit application, you can direct it to the Directorate of Immigration or The Directorate of Labour/Vinnumálastofnun. The Directorate of Labour can only answer questions regarding individual applications after being processed by the Directorate of Immigration. Questions related to material that you may wish to provide to strengthen your application can be directed here.
  • For questions related to Icelandic Health Insurance, please direct it to Icelandic Health Insurance/Sjúkratryggingar. Phone: +354-515-0000 / Mon-Fri: 10-3 PM. Emailsjukra@sjukra.is
  • If your question relates to taxes in Iceland, please direct it to The Directorate of Internal Revenue/Ríkisskattstjóri. Phone: +354-442-1000/ Mon-Thu: 9:15-3:30 PM, Fri: 9-2 PM.
  • If your question relates to your workers' rights, please direct it to the relevant union or The Icelandic Confederation of Labour/ASÍ. Phone: +354-535-5600. Emailasi@asi.is