Job hunting

Job Hunting

Job-hunting in Iceland without speaking Icelandic can be tricky, Google translate has made significant improvements to its translations which can help to a certain degree. It is most likely that a job that will suit a non-Icelandic-speaker will be advertised in English (or both languages) so it is still worth it to check the job advertisements.

Another way to try to find a job in Iceland is to go through management consulting firms, give them your CV and ask for help in finding a suitable job.

Since this is a small country, it may also be worth it to find the exact company you are interested in working for, and contact them directly or follow their website for job notifications.


If your spouse is relocating with you to Iceland and is not a citizen of the EEA, EFTA or Faroe Islands, they are required to apply for a residence permit on the grounds of family reunification.

All spouses who have been granted a residence permit on these grounds must also apply for a work permit should they wish to work in Iceland. Work permits can be applied for before or after arriving in Iceland, however some spouses may be required to apply for a permit before entering Iceland to ensure that they fulfil the requirement of minimum financial sustenance.

Please be informed that the commencement of employment is prohibited before the necessary work permit has been obtained, work permits are non-transferable and only valid to the employer sponsoring the permit application.

Processing periods can take 2-6 months.

Job advertisements

These are the main websites where jobs are advertised in Iceland:

Alfred This site also works well in the app version, all sorts of jobs, mostly in Icelandic but some are in English.

HH ráðgjöf Mostly jobs that do not require a university degree, all in Icelandic. Mostly in Icelandic.

Morgunblaðið Mostly in Icelandic.

Northstack Tech and startup jobs, often in English.

Reykjavik City Mostly jobs for caretakers, at kindergartens, working with disabled people or pensioners, teachers, special ed, paramedics and the like. Mostly in Icelandic.

Starfatorg Public sector jobs, here you will find advertisements for doctors, teachers, administrative staff for public entities, and more. Mostly in Icelnadic.

Störf All sorts of jobs, both in Icelandic and English.

Talent All in Icelandic.

Tvinna Mostly specialist jobs, many related to design, computers and data, both creative and technical jobs, in Icelandic and English.

Vinnumálastofnun All sorts of jobs, including EURES jobs that are advertiesd in English, most of the local jobs are advertised in Icelandic.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are often in charge of the hiring process for large companies, not all of their jobs are advertised and it may be worth it to reach out to them and check if they have any jobs that suit you. Especially if you are highly specialised.




European jobs


Here, European jobs are advertised, and it is possible to narrow down the results by writing “Iceland” in the box “Enter a keyword”.


Main sectors:

The key sectors of the Icelandic economy are tourism, fishing and aluminum processing.

The main sectors that are searching for university educated experts are life sciences, health tech, clean tech, energy, ICT and seatech.

Jobs that do not require a university degree

If you are looking for a job in construction, building, as an electrician, a plumber or similar, please make sure to visit for details about your rights as a worker in Iceland. They also provide relevant information for hotel-staff.